We are the McCormick United Methodist Church (MUMC). Our congregation loves God and cares for one another. We share in each other’s joys and provide mutual support and prayers during tough times. We have fun as we work together doing the work of God. We reach up to God and reach out to our friends and neighbors both near and far.

We welcome visitors with the same love and energy. The members of MUMC care about you and your well-being. We want to get to know you, your joys, your concerns, your prayer needs and your spiritual gifts.

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The system is working the way it’s supposed to work.

That’s right. The transition from one pastor to another is moving along smoothly.

When Jim Lambeth announced March 19 the name of the next pastor of McCormick UMC, another step in the process got “checked off” the list. It began last year when I concluded that God was calling me to retire from active ministry. Next, Kay and I told Dr. Stephen Love, our Greenwood District Superintendent, that we both wished to retire this June. The Staff-Parish Relations Committee went about its work of updating the Church Profile and letting Dr. Love know its perception of the church’s needs and preferences for the next pastoral appointment.

Dr. Love went about his work. It was a collaborative effort between all twelve District Superintendents and our Bishop, Jonathan Holston. Recently, the Bishop and his Cabinet developed a comprehensive list of all ministerial appointment changes. Their goal is always to seek God’s wisdom and make appointments which will bring the greatest possible blessings to the 1,000+ churches of the SC Conference. 

Earlier this month, Rev. Nels Ledwell learned that the bishop plans to appoint him to McCormick. The next day Jim Lambeth learned of the appointment. Jim then shared the news with Staff-Parish and me. Everyone else got word this past Sunday.

Accompanied by Dr. Love, Nels will visit with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee in early April and tour the parsonage and the church building. Kay and I have arranged for Two Men and a Truck to move most of our belongings to our house in Inman on May 31. Kay and I will be in and out of McCormick the following four weeks, while the Trustees do some work in the parsonage. My last Sunday leading worship will be June 18.

Moving Day is a remarkable day. Once a year, all the Methodist ministers who are moving all move on the same day! For example, Nathan and Edith Arant left the parsonage around noon on Moving Day four years ago. Around 2:00, Kay and I arrived at the parsonage. 

Moving Day will be June 28 of this year. That means that Rev. Nels Ledwell will become your pastor that day. He will lead worship for the first time on July 2.

Let’s uphold one another in prayer over these next few months. Pray for Nels, for Kay and me, for one another and for the community we serve.

See you in church on Sunday!


Pastor Paul's sermons are available at http://mccormickumc.org/sermons

Recent Sermons Added Are
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If you were lucky enough to drop by the MUMC Library Open House on Sunday, you discovered a warm room full of books and even a few comfortable chairs!  Emilee Groh had her famous rolls (and brownies!!) to munch on while we learned about the resources available in our library and the changes that had been made.  It was another special time in our church.  Thank you, Emiliee, you are the perfect person to be our librarian!  You sure made us all feel welcome!

Jim Lambeth, chairman of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, announced March 19 that Rev. Nels Ledwell will be moving to McCormick and becoming our pastor on June 28. He comes to us from Trinity United Methodist Church in Blythewood, South Carolina. We look forward to Rev.Nels Ledwell joining the MUMC family. He will lead worship here for the first time July 2.

Nels joined the SC Conference of the United Methodist Church as a Provisional Member in 1991, and was ordained an Elder and received as a Full Member of the Conference in 1996. He has served the following ministerial appointments: the Asbury Charge (1991); Associate Pastor, Simpsonville UMC, (1993); Pastor, St. Paul UMC, Saluda (1999); Pastor, St. Paul's Wacamaw UMC, Pawley's Island (2006); and Pastor, Trinity UMC, Blythewood (2014.)

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UMCOR is the arms and legs of the United Methodist Church as it reaches out to people in their darkest days. When disaster strikes around the globe, for example Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, we might watch the drama in our living rooms and feel that no one person can make a difference. But we can make a difference! UMCOR is ready to act on our behalf to assist the survivors of disasters.   UMCOR Sunday (formerly One Great Hour of Sharing) is March 26.  Plan to give generously! For more information, go to www.umcor.org

Our Lenten Study on the Gospel of John will conclude April 2. Here’s the schedule:

Sunday March 26
5:00 followed by light dinner at 6:15
Chapter Four

Sunday April 2
4:30 – until 7:00
Chapters Five and Six with light dinner in between.


April 9, 8:30 and 11:00
Palm Sunday
Sermon: Stranger on the Streets of Jerusalem

April 13 at 6:00
Maundy Thursday
“Twelve Men at the Table”
Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper comes to life

April 16 at 6:30 a.m
Easter Sunday.
Sunrise Service at Baker Creek State Park
Preacher will be Rev. Dr. Paul Wood

April 16 at 10:00
Easter Sunday
Celebration of the Resurrection
Worship at McCormick United Methodist Church
Chancel Choir presents the cantata “Because He Lives”

The next UMW meeting will be a Spring Luncheon to be held on Saturday, April 29 in the Church Fellowship Hall.  The summer meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 18 and the fall meeting is set for October 19.

To add names to the list, go to http://mccormickumc.org/our-prayer-list and fill out the form. If you have any problems with the form, please email Barb Shelley. Please go to the site frequently and include those on the list in your prayers. Our website is open to the public, and we encourage everyone to add the names of those needing our prayers.

We keep a complete church calendar on the church’s web site, mccormickumc.org. If you would like for an event to be added or revised, please email Barb Shelley. The information will also be added to the BLAST. We also post the calendar in two-month increments on the bulletin board outside the office.  The church calendar is perpetual, so feel free to send dates way in the future! The calendar is available to you 24/7 by going to http://mccormickumc.org/calendar

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