We are the McCormick United Methodist Church (MUMC). Our congregation loves God and cares for one another. We share in each other’s joys and provide mutual support and prayers during tough times. We have fun as we work together doing the work of God. We reach up to God and reach out to our friends and neighbors both near and far.

We welcome visitors with the same love and energy. The members of MUMC care about you and your well-being. We want to get to know you, your joys, your concerns, your prayer needs and your spiritual gifts.

We invite you to look around our site, be sure to look at the sermons, pictures, missions and calendar. Then go to the "PLAN A VISIT" link above and join us at either the 8:30 AM or 11:00 AM service on Sunday!


The Real Purpose of the Church
If we are to reach people for Christ we need people with passion and power. But we also need people with a purpose.

In the late 1800’s, no business matched the financial and political dominance of the railroad. Trains dominated the transportation industry of the United States, moving both people and goods throughout the country.

Then a new discovery came along—the car—and incredibly, the leaders of the railroad industry did not take advantage of their unique position to participate in this transportation development. The automotive revolution was happening all around them, and they did not use their industry dominance to take hold of the opportunity. In his video tape The Search for Excellence, Tom Peters points out the reason: The railroad barons did not understand what business they were in. Peter observes that "they thought they were in the train business. But, they were in fact in the transportation business. Time passed them by, as did opportunity. They couldn’t see what their real purpose was."

If the railroad barons at the turn of the century had understood that they were in the transportation business and not the train business we would all be driving a Gould and not a Ford. The same thing happened in the watch and clock industry. The Swiss had dominated time keeping. They controlled 90% of all revenues made in their industry. They made the most precise gears and springs in the world. Their watches and clocks were perfect.

Then something new happened called the Quartz movement—LCD readout. Guess who invented it. A Swiss man. But because it had no gears or knobs or springs it was rejected. They failed to recognize that they were in the business of helping people tell time not making precision gears. They lost their dominance in the industry. They now control 20% of all revenue. Seiko is the dominant leader.

"If Sports Illustrated magazine understood it was in the sports information business, not the publishing business, we would have the Sports Illustrated Channel, not ESPN."

And folks, if we in the United Methodist Church, forget that our purpose is making disciples for Jesus Christ we will also become obsolete. If we loose our focus and get distracted by tradition, habit, custom, ritual, routine, political correctness, liberal theology that moves us from the Word in Scripture, we will go the way of the trains, the Swiss, and Sports Illustrated. We must remember our basic identity. We must—whenever, however, wherever—fulfill our basic purpose.

I want to be part of a church whose soul purpose is to win people to Jesus Christ.

I want to be part of a church that is prayer-driven. 

I want to be part of a church where her members become disciples and serve Christ and not asked to be served or be pleased.  

I want to be part of a church that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. A church that is going out into the streets with spiritual power and the authority. The Holy Spirit compels us to go.

Wishing you an awesome Summer! 


Preparing for Sunday
Scripture  Isaiah 6: 1-8  Psalm 29
                 John 15: 26-27; 16: 4b-15
Sermon: The Lord of Multitasking

There will be a time of Tribute for Memorial Day

Audio recordings of sermons are available here:

MUMC was full of red to symbolize Pentecost Sunday!
The MUMC Choir shared the story of Pentecost by singing the cantata, “The Wind is Blowing Again”.  You could feel God’s power as the story unfolded and the waiting was over!

Thank you to our choir and also to our director, Jeanne Thornburg!  Billie Samec did a great job with the solo and Bob Cooper orated and added to the presentation!  Also thank you to our pianist, Donnell!

More photos are on the website at http://mccormickumc.org/pentecost-cantata-may-21-2018 

A big shout out to Ray Crace, Ronnie Kidd, Bruce Motsinger, Byron Thompson and Gordie Wayne who did yeoman’s duty cleaning up the parking lot landscaping and crepe myrtles. Thanks to Ronnie and Byron for bringing their trailers to cart away the two large overflowing loads of debris.  Job well done!  It looks much neater!  

Leslie Belanger
Marge Radosevich
Frank Chewning
Roger Simon
Carolyn Skelton
Tonia Bandy
Joan Wessels
Nancy Richert

Lindy Stahlman
Gordon Waine
June Scott
Janice Sibert
Carol Wieboldt
Beverly Western
Betty Weiss
Sue Yerdon
Lola Rek
Bruce Motsinger
Rick Lindley
Marilyn Meyer
Turney  Bowser
Penny   Sockman
Ronald  Garling

John H. Jr. & Tonia Bandy

John and Sue Yerdon
Mitch & Sue Mitchell
Bob & Marsha Garner
Chuck & Pat Winn
Allen & Susan Gaer
Don & Betty Youngs


Cafe' du Don will be having breakfast on Father's day, June 17, from 8:30AM to 10:45AM.  We will have Sausage Gravy Casserole, Blueberry Crunch Casserole and a Crust-less Veggie quiche.  There will also be Coffee, Juice and other goodies.

Chefs Don Tummons and John Yerdon will be putting on the Ritz June 23!

Our goal is to be able to send as many athletes from our own McCormick schools to FCA camp this summer as possible.  The cost is $25 per person with limited seating.  Only 100 tickets will be sold and you can get you tickets from Linda Kidd.  Some of the FCA members will be there to serve you.  Dinner will start at 6:00pm with an opening prayer and then your first course.  Yes! This is going to be a four course dinner for you to enjoy and have fellowship with friends.  

Methodist men are planning another Green Jacket baseball outing this summer at the new North Augusta stadium. They will be 
purchasing 20 tickets to start. The cost will be $10 each. Everyone is welcome, including women and children!  Plan to bring your guests and neighbors.

The tentative date is Thursday 7-12-2018.  Lyn Bourne is in charge and will have more information later this spring. 

To add names to the list, go to http://mccormickumc.org/our-prayer-list and fill out the form. If you have any problems with the form, please email Barb Shelley. Please go to the site frequently and include those on the list in your prayers. Our website is open to the public, and we encourage everyone to add the names of those needing our prayers.

We keep a complete church calendar on the church’s web site, mccormickumc.org. If you would like for an event to be added or revised, please email Barb Shelley. The information will also be added to the BLAST. We also post the calendar in two-month increments on the bulletin board outside the office.  The church calendar is perpetual, so feel free to send dates way in the future! The calendar is available to you 24/7 by going to http://mccormickumc.org/calendar

Plan a Visit

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